FractSurf is a fantastic program ;-) with great features like
  • 7 different models: Mandelbrot Set, Julia Set, dragon, complex sine, a "pseudo"-sine, quaternions and a Mandelbrot clone. I am working on some more and you can define your own!! (see below) They are all coded in Assembly, so they are quiet fast...
  • NEW: You can define multiple Layers with different fractals now. Mix them together with selectable opacity / styles.
  • build-in DirectX screensaver with eye-candy-effects which uses all pre- and selfdefined bookmarks
  • define your own models just by typing in complex polynomials
  • quick return to nice spots by placing bookmarks. Those can be ex- imported for easy exchange with others.
  • export images as .gif or .bmp files AT ANY SIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • create animated gif's
  • NEW: Multilingual!! FractSurf gets nearly all textinformation from textfiles. They can be translated in any "ASCII-based" language. English and german languagefiles are included.
  • 3D-projection
  • free scalable imagesize
  • True-Color images. Simple and complete control over colors by definition of gradiation curves and selective replace just by clicking on the image
  • Should run on all Windows Versions (tested on Win98 and NT4.0)

What i'm working on:
  • More models
  • Storage of layersets. (Right now, one can only store a single layer (fractal) with some color information)
  • Specifiy a dll interface for models. This should make it possible to write dll's that export a model, so that everyone can code a model and bind it.
  • Improve control over the model "Quaternions", which has much more power than FractSurf uses.

FractSurf is not made for scientific purpose, but for "surfing" the different models and finding/saving nice spots/images. Thats why the author(thats me ;-)) attached great importance to the control of produced images - especially the control of colors is improved.

This is one of the first releases of FractSurf. So there are propably lots of bugs and the project is not yet at its end! If you find any bugs, have some suggestions or wishes, maybe some new models, feel free to mail us. Just look at the contact page

View the History (in german) for whats new in Fractsurf.