Fractal Theory

Research Experience for Undergraduates (mirror)
Huge resource collection of Prof. John Mathews, Math. Dept., California State University Fullerton

Exploring Chaos and Fractals

Chaos and Complexity

Complex and quaternion arithmetic

Fractal Compression (by Yuval Fisher)

Fractal Software

Fractal Explorer
Download the Fractal Explorer, user manual, source codes etc.

Fractal Top
Home of the JavaQuat Fractal Generator. (ftp)
Many different fractal programs are available.

Fractal Music
Get WTF23.ZIP here and listen to fractal generated music.

Easy to use fractal explorer (Only Mandelbrot- und Juliasets)

Fractal Art

Yahoo! Groups fractal-world

Fractal animations

Fractal Image Collection
A collection of interesting smoke- and flame-like jpeg iterated function system images is available here.

Infinite Fractal Loop
We cannot list all the good sites on fractal art. The "Infinite Fractal Loop" however is the best source for sites devoted to fractal art.

Fractal Music

University of Hampshire

University of Stuttgart

The ChuaSoundMusic Project

Fractal Newsgroups

The news group

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