02.01.2005: Update

As navigation didn't work with Firefox, i've updated the hompage. Most pages should be html-compliant now.

04.03.2004: User-Bookmarks

Jürgen and Josef sent their newest bookmarks. You can find them at the downloads. As allways, many thanks :-)

11.07.2003: User-Bookmarks

Rainer sent an extremely beautiful bookmark. Thanks lot for that

11.07.2003: User-Bookmarks

Josef sent 30 (!!) very nice bookmarks.

10.12.2002: User-Bookmarks

Jürgen sent us some very nice bookmarks.

24.11.2001: Version upped

New version is up. Lot of new functions and improvements. See the History or the features for what's new.

24.7.2001: Launch

This website was created as a project in the course web-site-gestaltung und programmierung in summer 2001 at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz. The creators of the pages are J. Bischof, who is also the author of the programm FractSurf, Ch. Gerharz and M. Hohenner. We are students of mathematican science, what explains our interest in the fractal geometry. But for us is not only the pure mathematical aspect of fractals important, fractals offer the possibility to connect mathematics and the "real life", a connection which we sometimes can't see during our studies.

In future we will announce changes of the programm, new images, links and literatures on this page.

So we hope you will enjoy your trip through the world of fractals, and "playing" with FractSurf.

Finally we want to express our being sorry for our bad English... We will improve it! :-)

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